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              Chung Phat Hung Yen Packaging Factory was established in 2005, with a total area of 50,000 m2. The company is located in a favorable location, located on the highway 5, the gateway to the east of Hanoi, 30km from Hanoi, convenient for transportation of goods. The history of carton box products. Along with the development and economic integration, Chung Phat is constantly moving to transform itself, we are expanding our production scale with all kinds of high quality packaging such as: Box offset, hard box, round tube box, PET box, high class paper bag, carton box … From 2015 to now Chung Phat has invested many advanced automated production machines. Productivity and quality of products, serving the most demanding needs of domestic and foreign customers. Chung Phat Hung Yen will always endeavor to innovate and further develop, bringing optimal benefits to customers.



    – Food Packaging

    – Packaging – Packaging Design and Printing Company

    – Packaging Paper Bag – Printing Paper Bag, Box, Paper Box

    – Printing – Printing and Design (Offset Printing, Flexo Printing)

    – Calendar, Calendar Print, Calendar To Table

    – Bag Box

    – Bag Carton


        Process management:

    All our work is managed by standard procedures that bring efficiency and produce the best products. The products are implemented in a closed process and there are professional parts, specialized in each stage: survey, design, customer support … Therefore, our products are always of high quality. And bring satisfaction to customers.


        Oriented development:

    – Customer is the focus, is the most important service object.

    – The quality of work, meeting the customer satisfaction is the # 1 priority.

    – Appreciate the long-term relationship, development cooperation based on the respect of the parties.

    – A collective solidarity will create extraordinary strength.



    With the goal to become a prestigious unit in the field of packaging production and bring useful products to our customers, we will continue to invest in machinery, improve the level, strengthen the team. Improve the quality of products to better serve customers.

    Very pleased with the business strategy, sharing the joy and anxiety of customers!



    Address: Chung Phat Hung Yen Co., Ltd

    Telephone: (+84) 3213 788 282

    Website: http://chungphat.com

    Email : baobichungphat@gmail.com