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    Breakthrough Innovation in Offset on Globe Packaging

    Higher yields and cost savings are the surest assertions for the “real creativity” of the offset printing technique, the first of which is used on plastic spherical packaging.
    Experts say advances in technology mean that high-speed property know-how can be used in applications such as printing on curved cylinders.

    “With the new secret, it can now be done on bifurcated cups,” says a company spokeswoman for FoodProductionDaily.com. Up to now, curved separators have only been able to be printed with the ink-printing technique, or printed on the shrink film and then shrink on the product. Is there any method that achieves speeds like offset printers? ”

    The company announced the initiative and has registered to bring the German patents and trademark agency in Munich and the 1st product was made to Friesland Campina, the consumer of this printing technology and the product Launched this week.

    “Gizeh is expecting new ways to print with high demand in the market, especially in the food industry, such as most dairy products including yogurt, pudding, cream cheese and real Same product, snack, “the spokesman said.

    Gizeh said that with some challenges forced to pass to adaptive offset printing technology to print on spherical objects.
    “The competition issue is moving images from the print axis to the curved surface of the print,” said Frank Kriener, the company’s production manager. “You are doing spherical printing and at high speed”

    At the time, the company said, it was not possible to disclose the details of this offset print, the spokesman said. “To our knowledge, up to now, in the printing industry is not comparable. Printed on spherical plastic cup ”

    It took nine months to solidify the new printing technology, the team at Gizeh marked machine configurations as the official test run, testing to address the problems associated with uniform color printing on curved surfaces. , As well as adapting the unit’s printing capacity and the ability of the system to keep and toggle separations.

    “With extremely modest modifications, the system can print on the split with different curvatures,” the spokesman said. “Especially not to change the print tube, which would be extremely expensive and time consuming.”

    Source www.foodproductiondaily.com

    GIZEH (Germany) has been on the market since 1920, beginning as a cigarette paper supplier; By 1958, it provided wax or paraffin wrapping paper; 1964 is a pioneer supermarket supplying plastic (spray / heat) packaging for the dairy industry. It is now one of the largest European packaging companies with 5 factories in Germany, France, Poland and Switzerland, with 560 employees. Every year, businesses sell over 3.5 billion plastic packages.


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