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    Chung Phat Company

    Welcome to Chung Phat Company

    Who are we?

    The company specializes in manufacturing and printing packaging products: Box offset printing, hard box, round tube box, carton box, glass box, fashion bag... advanced production line automatic equipment, we are proud to become the main supplier for many customers Domestic and foreign, affirming their prestige and position in the packaging industry in Vietnam.


    Our services

    Printing packaging

    Printing on many types of packaging. We always bring the best products to our customers. Ensuring product quality - Our reputation.

    Graphic design

    With a team of young, creative graphic designers who are dynamic, hard-working and eager to learn. Chung Phat is proud to bring to customers the high-class packaging with professional design style, leaving a deep impression on customers.


    Support consultants with partners in the field of modeling, printing, packaging design structure, materials. Analyze the sample and introduce the product structure to fit the product contained within. Research the packaging and implement as a test sample.

    Please choose us

    Why choose us?

    We bring the best products

    Beautiful model, rich in species

    Support 24/7

    We provide products with design most impressive