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  • Packaging printing industry in Vietnam

    Along with the development of the Vietnamese economy, printing businesses are also developing in terms of quantity and quality. The largest representative association of the Vietnamese Impression Industry is the VPA in Vietnam with branches in the North, South and Central Vietnam.

    Features to this time, the association has 185 members and predicts that the number can be up to 200. In addition, there are more than 1000 impressive businesses in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi in the type of items as in the shirt Elastic, …. In the net, in the package.

    so luong doanh nghiep

    Source: Association in Vietnam

    The printing industry in Vietnam can be divided into four main sections: books, newspapers and magazines, labels and packaging, in heat transfer and in document printing as shown in the chart below:

    nganh in

    However, more than three years after its accession to the WTO, the industry has yet to integrate internationally. The number of exporters is less than 10 while the market content is small. The explosion of the Internet and multithreading methods will become big marks. According to VPA, therefore, two years ago, the number of political and social reports and magazines decreased by 20-30%, while the reference books and dictionaries were down by 50%. In addition, the printing industry faces a number of other problems.

    Before the problem will be used in the problem of the bid. Next, facing the unstable change of resource costs and interest rates, businesses in Vietnam are more pressured. Continued investment, postponement or downsizing are questions for businesses. Moreover, the rapid development of the number of businesses also puts pressure on the industry, supplying excess energy to the need for competitive content among local businesses and campaigns that compete with the Foreign investment enterprises. In general, publishers face many difficulties with low business performance and low quality of life. Some customers are benefitting from the weight loss with this, squeezing the climb.

    Packaging packaging:

    The Vietnam cover market can be divided into plastic, carton, glass, metal and other types.

    nganh bao bi

    Industry coincluding package closed with the leading user outputs in the longtime, special one in the package packages. Because we do not have a model to compute on the computer before the start of production, because we do not have a model to compute on the computer before the start of production. Products can not simulate the procedures of packaged packaged products as well as solutions to change the constituents and products. They are executed manual and costs but but efficient.

    Research field about the development in the future of the packaging industry for the most published for the population of the most published with the most 80th people with the most industry and benefits for the first investment In the water like the water in the field of the packaging of the previous years. Many foreign investors have gained the capacity and opportunity in this field to start or cooperate with Vietnamese companies.

    Face to face, Vietnamese enterprises have lower cost advantages over labor and housing demand, but with low technology and backstage. Only few companies in the same to develop the technology to develop the top of the pack of production, due to the high cost of high cost. Therefore, the Vietnamese packaging company is now in need of cooperation from foreign companies and organizations for financial support and modern technology. Cooperation is good for both sides, especially for Vietnam to improve further to be able to keep up with the global trend as well as the environment that promotes environmental protection.

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