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  • The importance of packaging printing design in modern marketing

    The Icon is derived from Roman. At that time, some painters here were trained to paint religious paintings wherever they were, these paintings give the viewer the same feelings. Modern marketing is also trying to do the same job.

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    After many years of designing, I realized that packaging is increasingly playing an important role in the success of marketing strategies. Consumer manufacturers always strive to create a link with their target customers by creating a style or image for their brand that consumers can immediately recognize and have a strong appeal to. with customers. This is vitally important for high end brands because the featured image will create success for these brands. In this case, packaging does not just tell the positioning of the product.

    A successful packaging will inspire the consumer; It creates an impression to help viewers immediately associate the brand. Packaging associated with the brand through the combination of materials, designs, graphic design, as the company AGI / Klearfold called the “Iconic Packaging”

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    The Icon is derived from Roman. At that time, some of the artists here were trained to redraw religious paintings so that wherever they were, these paintings would give viewers the same feeling. Modern marketing is also trying to do the same job. At present, there are some such symbols, such as the waves on Cocacola’s pack, the rabbit on the cover of Playboy magazine. They immediately help customers recognize the brand even without a typewriter. More recently, H & R Block has attempted to do the same with the blue sphere logo.

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    One of the most prominent examples in the packaging industry is L’eggs with eggshell packaging. Other examples are Animal Crackers, Tic-Tac candy, and, more recently, POM Wonderful’s unique juice bottle. All these packages combine graphics, shapes, and sizes to create the style of the product. No matter where you go in the world, you will recognize these products, regardless of their language or culture, and feel the same when using them.

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    Iconic secondary packaging was exactly what Jenn thought of when she was about to launch a line of premium wines called Cocktails by Jenn. This lineup includes today’s trendy cocktails (such as Cosmopolitan, Lemon Drop, Tropical Blue Lagoon, and Appletini), and are targeted at sophisticated female consumers. These cocktails will be sold in units of 4 100ml boxes (or 4 boxes of the same or different kind).

    From the very beginning, when working with AGI / Klearfold, the company focused on the secondary packaging as a key element in the branding process, the connection with the target customers, and the formation. The ability to recognize the product of the public.

    In terms of appearance, these sub-packs must be stylish, compact, portable, recyclable, and transparent or semi-transparent to expose the vivid colors of cocktails contained within. And, of course, the packaging must be cost effective and timely for the launch in October 2004.

    To prepare for the Cocktails by Jenn line and satisfy the company’s packaging requirements, we recommend using AGI / Klearfold’s InSight packaging. This form combines direct prints into a plastic box and the edges are all specially designed to create special shapes. To save on production costs and time, we designed the oval box that we are available.

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    In order to achieve the required rigidity and transparency, we had to use Zylar, a styrene acrylic copolymer. Accurate pouring helps us create the unique look of the InSight box. The cut at the bottom of the box to create the knot to help connect the stem and bottom firmly. The cuts on the top of the box help to create lids that can be opened easily by hand. This also makes the boxes reusable.

    The outer shell is made of a perforated PVC to create a matte background color for the cocktail boxes inside. The box is also decorated with inks printed to create different colors for different cocktails, and modern icons for modern women such as aircraft, diamond rings, mobile phones. … also printed transparent to print clearly. The box is also designed with multiple straps so customers can easily move. On the straps are also attached to the card with the engraved symbol of the goods that make the product as easy to recognize.

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    From the distinguishable colors to the vivid symbols of modern women printed on the inner box and outer box, this type of packaging makes the target customers immediately associate the company’s products. A clear vision of marketing plus a range of designs allows us to take care of the smallest details to create a perfect logo for the product.

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