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  • Trend of packaging design is noteworthy

    Creative sucking, creative, breaking can make all the sense and gossip about the brand, just relying on the design of the power. When a brand provides a better quality product than it brings new experiences and added value from the overpriced cover, customers will want to continue to use and stick with the brand.

    1. Towards simplicity

    In recent years, faster trends have become more common in many areas. In the midst of an increasingly information-laden society, overwhelmed by the many options, simplicity and clarity of information becomes very effective in reaching people.

    The internet pages are designed by the Guru, clear simple and simplify, easy to easy and friendly. Can not get extra, the package is just simple, better than direct. This trend is more commercial choice in 2015 and is expected to continue to grow in 2016.

    For example, Ashridge Drinks in the UK recently redesigned their labeling products to simplify the design package, with a color design. Colorful eye-catching, cheerful and abstract flower shapes to instantly Target into the taste


    Xu simplified directories not only in conical encoders or label designs which can not be used with the packaging. The great packaging of the cover, creating a strong brand for the user, from which loyal image of the customer with the brand.


    2. Paper is shell materials preferred

    Cover paper, special paper crafted with different thicknesses, is a trend of rapid development.

    Previous here, paper craft usually used to use your paper packages with very easy and dun. It can be replicated in many ways, it will be convenient and environmentally friendly.

    The California Paperboy Alcohol Company merged the paper cover and bread, with a wine bottle made from recycled paper that contained a plastic resin sheet that showed the crest in the cover was Virtually


    A customer survey found their links on handmade paper products:


    3. Multi-purpose packaging

    The most important requirement for previous page only is to protect and transport the products from the door to the client. However, simply covering the cover sheet requires the facility to provide more and more value-added and other uses, as it becomes a risk as well as opportunities for expressions for home design. This trend is known as versatile or multi-purpose cover, which will become popular this year and will explode in previous years by the rise of brand debates.

    4. Bespoke technology

    The final technology with the packaging is not new, so many used to the information that you can be used to as QR code or hashtag.

    The “smart” packaging in this trend is increasingly adopting more technology, more attractive to create benefits and interesting for users. For example, packaging the use of technology to open the package at the temperature of the temperature, change the color when expired use, or automatically connect, exchange data with the technical health tools so …

    The technology is also allowed to open multiple content of technical data, add them to the value for customers. The Nabisco of the Year of the Year of the Year of the Year of the New York Times in New York Times New York Times ,, And Ahoy Chips.

    5. Logo and cover label

    Principal goods, made to manual, are very important elements when building a brand. Phenomability of multivanent transport methods, network networking for the next clients, transfer messages, interaction and touching connections with their branders easily easier. That trend will also be transformed into design covers, which may have logos, packaging labels.

    Many uses to make gopher, type “home grown” through independent people, using handwriting on the packaging from the logo to the label. One direction that stands out in this trend is that designs that use a lot of shading effects, 3D floating … are gradually moving in a flat and simple direction. It is becoming one of the standards of the best book.

    Morrisons’ Brand (UK) is an example of the power of handwriting. Label drawing and other packages of their other greek, specialties, created them feel but they are held to this high quality of this brand.



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