Chung Phat provides packaging according to your design or helps you turn ideas into reality. With modern printing and packaging technology, Chung Phat is proud to bring you solutions for product packaging, display and transportation with various needs designed and packaged for you by our team. Experts with many years of experience
Color paper box Offset is a box that usually has only one layer of paper, made from paper materials such as Ivory, Couches, Bristol, Duplex, ... used to hold all of them. common products, electronics, cosmetics, food, household items… folded in one easy way. Surface processed: lamination, glue coating, Spot UV, emulsion, embossing, ....according to design requirements.
Some styles of Offset color paper boxes:
  • Loop box
  • PET Window Box
  • Box with handle
  • Reverse installation box
  • Yin and yang box (removable lid)
  • Another box...
A product that combines a layer of Offset Printed paper with a layer of corrugated paper, this combination is to increase the rigidity of the product, increase impact resistance, and resistance. shake, shoot podium... to meet the needs of packing, transporting and preserving products of customers. Offset printing paper layer material such as paper: Ivory, Bristol ,Couches, Duplex... the surface is machined: lamination, glue coating, Spot UV, emulsion pressing, embossing, ....according to design requirements. The layers of corrugated paper are multi-layered depending on the design as wave A, B, C, E, G….< /div> Some Offset box styles with offset:
  • Case with snap or snap
  • Paper box with lock bottom
  • Paper box with lid
  • Yin and yang box (removable lid)
  • Box with handle
  • Bottom clasp...
Usually made from high-quality paper materials backed with sturdy thick Chipboard paper. The box is usually processed for surface treatment such as Spot UV, glued, laminating, emulsified, mirror coated, ...  At the same time, it is possible to add decorative accessories for the box such as beads, bow ties, combinations. with lids or trays made of PET material shaped so that the products inside follow the product shape, this is the most advanced product line that often makes gift boxes, display boxes, boxes for cosmetics & nbsp; products, fashion... .according to customer's request.
Some models of Hard Box:
  • Gift box with bow
  • Cover box
  • Yin and yang box (removable lid)
  • Sliding box
  • Hinged box with magnet
  • Round box...
Carton box is the most popular and convenient product packaging line, good price, and is popular. Unlike other boxes, the surface is meticulously machined. Carton boxes are usually printed simply, meeting larger sizes. The box is composed of many layers of paper from 2 layers, 3 layers, 5 layers, 7 layers and many different types of waves such as A, B, C, E, G, BC, BE, AB... depending on the needs of the customer. goods.
Some styles of Carton boxes:
  • Clock box or snap
  • Case with lid
  • Locking bottom lid box
  • Yin and yang box (removable lid)
  • Box with handle
  • Bottom clasp...
  • Instructions
  • flyers
  • Tap install
  • Types of corrugated iron
  • Processing and selling holy products
  • Printing out...
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