High quality carton box making process

Thursday - 30/12/2021 17:12
Making carton boxes, also known as packaging and carton production. At present, there are many companies emerging in this industry in the market. Because of the necessity and increasing demand of the industries that need to use it, such as product packaging or shipping goods. So how to produce according to the process? Let's explore with us.
High quality carton box making process

1. Making carton boxes with modern machines

 To make good and quality products. To meet the needs of customers and ensure good progress, it is necessary to invest in modern technology and machinery. Therefore, making carton boxes with  quality printing technology is an important and indispensable thing for professional packaging and carton manufacturers.

Production with modern technology

2. Ensure human resources work well

 After investing in good machinery. Serve the needs of customers. The company needs to choose a technical team to stand the machine. At each stage, we have product monitoring teams to ensure quality as well as  products to market must be the best and error free.

 So it is very necessary to invest in human resources to operate in the machine stages. Because this helps ensure good products in the market as well as helps the company gain credibility on each product that the brand offers to users with the best experience

3. Carton box making process

 Once we have understood and have well-functioning teams, quality machinery and technology. Next, let's learn more about the stages of production and making carton boxes.

3.1. Preparation stage

Step 1: Choose ingredients

 At this stage, when the machine is ready. We need to have formulas for choosing paper and what types of paper should be used in the production process. Must understand the nature of raw materials to put into production easily to produce beautiful products.

3.2. Production process and carton box making

Step 2: Production stage

 Each company has its own formula, the way to choose paper to make carton boxes is also different. Currently, on the market, there is a packaging company named Chung Phat Hung Yen & nbsp; which is producing according to customer needs. With modern machinery and working in a very high quality form. We must know which paper to choose with which paper to produce quality products.

 Employees must know the production stages in order to work easily with high efficiency. Such as the production of 7-layer carton packaging, and the like. It all follows different layers of paper and the ingredients to produce them are also completely different in terms of the amount of aggregated paper and certain indicators in production.

hộp quai xách
Quality carton box products

3.3. Stage completed

Step  3: Paper cutting 

 After the preparation of raw materials and completion of the selection of production parameters according to the above formula. We step into the paper cutting stage according to the customer's request previously requested. At this stage, the technical team will make sure to cut according to the customer's needs and carry out the operation machine, cut the carton according to the predefined formula in combination with the customer's wishes. From there, cut out the best quality cardboard or carton boxes with the right size.

Step  4: Print on demand

 Once the final production steps have been taken. We have an extra step called brand color printing. If we buy ready-made, it is at the discretion of the manufacturing company. But when we order in bulk, the customer's brand will be printed in color on request.

 Carton box making, color printing must be meticulous and definitely follow the main color tone of the company. Additional details are available upon request. All also to promote the brand when others look at it will know immediately. It is a prominent picture of this company and that company. Therefore, printing in the main color as well as the customer's outstanding image is essential and very important.

sliding box

Step 5: Glue and Staple 

 This step, also known as the closing step for a quality carton product. After we create the mold as well as the carton products. The last thing is to staple and glue the necessary places to ensure the certainty as well as the shipment to be delivered to the customer as desired and in accordance with the market demand for beautiful products and prestigious quality.

4. The best packaging company in the north

 Packaging Chung Phat Hung Yen, specializes in manufacturing available packaging as well as according to customer requirements. The company works with paper formulas when manufacturing. The main product is created from careful calculations, certain working stages that the company sets out when doing the job

Author: Huy Phạm

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