Use Branded Packaging to Protect and Promote your Products

Friday - 17/12/2021 22:38
Product packaging is not only a container, wrapping your product inside, but it is a form of "static communication" that helps convey brand values. Packaging is clearly one of the effective marketing communications of brands that should not be viewed as an effective marketing distribution channel. Therefore, the investment in product packaging is extremely necessary. Let's learn about the role of packaging in brand promotion.
Use Branded Packaging to Protect and Promote your Products

Increase customer attraction

According to research by MWV, up to 64% of consumers decide to buy at the point of sale without prior research. Although today's gadgets on smartphones can completely help users look up product information at the place of purchase, 74% of them still use their phones to research products while choosing to buy. Yes, customers buy products not only buy products inside, but they are also attracted to the design and structure of the product packaging, they feel the brand commitment, the product quality shown on the device. texture & packaging structure.

Product packaging and brand promotion

Human attention span is limited. Therefore, when observing, we often only pay attention to what is outstanding and different. Therefore, when goods are sold in bulk, products with unique and impressive packaging designs will attract customers' choices and thereby increase sales opportunities. Product packaging is the most visual and effective introduction to product quality and reputation. Professionally designed product packaging is a must when entering the fastidious market. Sometimes exporters have to design their own packaging for certain markets

Increase customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is a priceless gift that anyone doing business dreams of having. A story that has become a classic in marketing books is about the world famous beverage company Coca-Cola with their unique bottle design. Coca-Cola has tried many times to change the design of its soft drink bottle but has never been successful. Because the image of a classic Coca-Cola bottle has been deeply ingrained in customers' subconscious and is not easy to replace. It becomes a symbol of the culture, the value of the soul of the customer.

Product packaging is the embodiment of brand positioning

Label packaging is a part of the brand image and label packaging offers a great opportunity to promote the brand image of the business. Packaging is the simplest way, and the easiest and most frequent place where users can come into contact with a brand.
If you are thinking of developing the market and promoting the brand image, do not hesitate to design professional product packaging. It is a vital strategy in the positioning of your business brand. Come to Chung Phat Hung Yen for a professional design consultant team to support you!

Author: dangdinhtu

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